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An idea spawned from a problem that needed to be solved. Because according to research (and any woman you ask, frankly), 4 out of 5 women say that advertisers just don’t get them.

Yikes. Not a great sound bite for a brand that would like a piece of the $20 trillion of worldwide spending that women control. So we built a power shop of super savvy creatives, brand planners, media specialists, digital strategists, content creators and social media experts - all with their fingers on the pulse of the latest research, trends and levers – to start changing things.

Then we hit play.



Our offerings

  • 360 campaigns
  • Social media
  • Brand strategy
  • Digital, print & TV production
  • Experiential marketing
  • Apps & digital platform development
  • Market research
  • Media planning & buying
  • Branded content
  • Digital strategy
  • Mobile marketing


Our tools

We’ve also developed a few additional tools designed to help you better connect with your female consumers.

Retail strategy development

We accompany female prospects throughout their purchasing process to determine where brands are winning and where they’re not. Depending on a brand’s challenge, we’ll design a methodology to dig deeper and understand how women shop and why they buy. We’ll also recommend how to drive more visits, ensure more time at the shelf, increase basket size and win more of her wallet.

Social media schemata

While men use social media, women drive it. They go to their network to choose brands, research brands, connect with customer service of brands and share (with all 500+ of their social connections) whether they love (or hate) a brand! So being social media savvy is key. Our social team creates strong strategy, puts together a solid editorial and content calendar, then stimulates conversation with your female target, keeping them engaged with your brand and business – all while leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Two-day spark sessions

These two-day sessions are perfect for brands exploring new product development, brand positioning or retail experience. In each session, female strategists co-create alongside the client team and pre-recruited female consumers to identify concepts and solutions that deliver against the needs and wants of today’s female consumer.

Online panel of women

We have an impressive online panel of women across Canada and the U.S., whom we tap into regularly to ask questions, share advertising creative, brainstorm on new products or field client surveys. These women are a click away and often provide results in minutes.

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